We will work in close collaboration with you in order to determine the right candidate profile. During this process, many aspects are taken into account including:

  • Your specific needs as an organization, both in the short and the long term;
  • The profile of your organization;
  • The conditions of the legal employment market.

By doing so, unrealistic expectations are avoided both for you, as the client, and for the candidates.

Iterlegis offers two types of searches to choose from:

  • Our consultants seek the best suitable candidates for you, after which you handle the remainder of the selection procedure yourself, or
  • You call on Iterlegis’s solid expertise in selecting candidates, and have us take charge of the entire selection process. Every candidate is tested on his or her linguistic and legal technical skills.

Should you wish to gain a more profound insight into the future potential of the candidates, references about their previous professional experience can also be requested.

Iterlegis handles each assignment with full confidentiality and professionalism. You can also trust on our handling possible conflicts of interest correctly and with tact.